All articles submitted for publication are peer-reviewed. The authors should submit the
articles in electronic format to the issue coordinators and to the senior editor at the following
e-mail address: By sending the material, it is understood
that it contains original information that has never been published before and that the
material has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Ekphrasis publishes essays, reviews and interviews. Feature essays should be between
5,000-9,000 words. They are subject to external blind peer review. Reviews should be
between 2,000-3,000 words, and will be reviewed by the editorial board.

We publish essays that address questions or discuss problems related to various research
fi elds that include but are not limited to cinema, television studies, media studies, media
archaeology, art history, art theory, cultural studies, communication studies, performing arts.
The journal aims to publish and promote innovative research presenting new approaches and
insights in the respective fi elds. We expect that the published works will make a substantial
contribution to the fi eld, be it on a theoretical, analytical, methodological or practical level.
The journal is aimed at a broad readership of scholars, lecturers, art and media practitioners
and students.

Style guidelines
The Journal´s language of publication is English and French. For English, please use the
MLA (Modern Language Association) citation style (parenthetical citations and list of works
cited). For French, use one of the major citation styles used for academic writing (with
parenthetical citations within the text). The use of endnotes is permitted, although it should
be kept to a minimum.

Submitted papers must include the following: full title of the paper, name and affi liation of all
authors, their current position, together with a valid e-mail address, abstract and key words.
The abstract and key words must be submitted in English, for all articles. The abstract should
not exceed 300 words. In the abstract, the authors must synthesize clearly the content and
the implications of their study, following the structure of various subchapters: background,
aims, methods used, results obtained, discussions (also presenting the limits of the study),
as well as implications on future research. This structure must be adapted, according to the
particular characteristics of the study.

All submissions should be edited in Microsoft Word and typed in Times New Roman, 12
points, 1.5 line spacing with 2 cm margins. Each paragraph should start with an indent.

The inclusion of images accompanying your text is encouraged, although the number
of images should be adjusted to refl ect the content of the paper (usually, maximum 4-5
images per article). Indicate the credits for all images (including artist/source, title, date,
photographer, institution etc.).

The authors are responsible for obtaining the rights for the use of images. Please note that
the journal Ekphrasis cannot cover the costs of reproduction. The images will be printed in
black and white.

The authors will receive free copies of the journal.